how to care puppies in cold weather

how to care dog and puppies in winter season

In a winter season not feel cool only a human but also every animals are feel. so as a humanity We suggest how we are prevent dogs and pet from  winter .

dog winter cloth

1.try to keep dog indoor- for preventing dog from cold it is also your responsibility to how much are you take care your pet. So that you every time lock your door, don’t live your dog in outdoor.

In summer season out habit are to walk with dog in garden, field and road etc, so some dog or pet owner are continue his habit in winter season that not a bad habits but in winter season we necessary that we wear proper winter cloth to our dog and also our self so we prevent care both and our pets and also yoursel


dog in winter cloth

2.bath dog by warm water -In a cold weather you don’t forget to bath. It is necessary to bath the dog because it habit dog free from health issues, if you bath dog 10 times in a month try to reduce it 3-4 times in a month only, on the other hand it bath the pet Or dog only warm water also not bath in outer

shih tzu in winter cloth

3.Don’t use ac and fan in room-In a cool weather harm for pets and dog but also harm for our health. So it is necessary that keep your room warm, so we prevent our pets from cold and also yourself.if you not weather pets  dress you buy  dog’s dress online. on the other have no any pet in your home you are looking to buy a pets.Animlslover is best platform to take top quality p breed dog .

care dog in winter season

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